Breakfast Time!!!


We serve a breakfast buffet every day in our restaurant and lounge during the following hours:
Monday – Friday 06.00-09.00
Monday – Friday “No waste breakfast” 09.00-09.30
Saturday – Sunday 07.00-11.00
Price: 140 SEK per person

50% discount – No Waste Breakfast between 09.00-09.30h on weekdays.
In order to reduce our food waste we give a discount of 50% on our breakfast between 09.00-09.30h.
During this time we will not refill our buffet but instead let things go empty and hopefully this will reduce the amount of food we waste.

Monday to Friday we serve “no waste breakfast” between 09.00 – 09.30.
Buy breakfast at 50% discount during this half an hour.
Breakfast is served but will not be refilled in order to reduce our food waste.

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