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Vox Restaurant Jönköping is located in the city center of Jönköping next to the popular pedestrian street Östra Storgatan. We serve breakfast, lunch and a la carte.

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BREAKFAST – read more

Monday – Friday 06.00 – 09.30
Saturday – Sunday 07.00 – 11.00

Please pre-book your time for breakfast.

LUNCH – see the menu

Monday –  Friday 11.30-14.00

A LA CARTE – see the menu

Monday -Saturday 18.00-22.00




Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a rare chucka bird was born – Baba. She decided to travel the Middle East and Mediterranean Sea on her magic carpet. She stuffed her backpack with chickpeas and flew over fabled bazaars. By the time she crossed the Nile, she had invented hummus and falafel. A century later she had 1000 dishes and some aromatic speciality drink recipes gifted to her by an ancient Bedouin in Egypt.

Now Baba lives here, and she has made her living room a restaurant where she can show off her amazing mezze-making skills (the spices can be smelled from afar and her hummus has a secret ingredient, I’ve heard). She’s been waiting for her friends to come visit her. Lucky you, to be her friend, too.

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