Bar & Lounge

The perfect place for friends, some food – and for awesome drinks.

The Vox Cocktail Bar

Don’t miss out on the best drinks in town!

The Vox Drink Collection

Moscow mule
Vodka – limejuice – ginger beer


Peach Icetea
Bourbon – peach – limejuice – mint


Passionfruit mojito
Rum – passionfruit – limejuice – mint


Grapefruit Gin&Tonic
Gin – grapefruit – sugar – tonic water


Tequila – cointreau – limejuice


Gin Cooler
Gin – elderflower -limejuice – mint


Amaretto sour
Almond – lemon – sugar


Espresso Martini
Whiskey – chocolate – hazelnut


The Vox Lounge

Our lounge is the perfect place for a couple of hours of Getting Things Done, meeting up with friends or grab a coffee. Blazing fast wifi is complimentary.

After work

FRIYAY! We don’t have afterwork for now, but you are more than welcome to join us for a cocktail, every night! <3

See our after work specials

Freelance Friday

Every now and then we gather the nomad workforce of Jönköping in our lounge. We call it Freelance Friday.

The Vox Restaurant

Don't miss the Vox Restaurant. For dinner, lunch or breakfast. Or all of the above.

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