Sustainability as a competitive advantage

Sustainability work and having a wide range of options are competitive advantages and provide better profitability.

Without profitability, we lack the means to continue protecting the environment. Therefore “Profit” is a central building block in our daily sustainability work. It is thanks to good profitability that we have had the opportunity to implement the sustainability solutions we are working with today, and this is a trend that we want to continue. It provides our hotel with a good image, but most importantly it enables more opportunities to offer our guests the very best while at the same time being kind to our planet.

Being part of Nordic Choice Hotels we use the WeCare Index. WeCare is the name of Nordic Choice Hotels’ sustainability work and the WeCare Index is a system where each hotel is scored based on a wide range of sustainability aspects. The scoring is comparable to each hotel’s previous score as well as to other hotels within the group. By including the WeCare Index in financial reports, sustainability is integrated throughout the business.

An important puzzle piece for achieving profitability is the people behind the success. We believe that diversity and equality enable an invaluable range of knowledge and experience. We can proudly share with you that people from more than 7 different countries work at Vox Hotel, and that 50 % of our managers are women. Within Nordic Choice Hotels more than 2 out of 3 managers and more than 60 % of all employees are women.


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