Our certificates are constantly up-to-date evidence that we work sustainably throughout our operations.

Our everyday life today is harmful to the environment. We take more than we give. Pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and waste of natural resources are bad habits that threaten our earth. We want to show that the negative impact we have on our climate can be reduced, even with large-scale hotel operations.

ISO 14001 

Our ISO 14001 certificate is proof that we have a systematic sustainability work that we are constantly working to improve, and that we work extra hard on the parts of the business that have the greatest environmental impact. A certificate is a constantly up-to-date evidence on the work we do, as we are checked annually to maintain the certificate. Our sustainability work is and will always be highly prioritised at the hotel. Because no matter how much we do, we are never done with our work.


KRAV is a Swedish food ecolabeling. The labeling is evidence that the food is organic and produced with strict regulations on animal care, health, working conditions and climate. The requirements for using the labeling are more stringent than the minimum requirements for organic food production set by the EU. This means that all KRAV labeled food is organic, but not all organic food is KRAV labeled. Vox Hotel carries a KRAV certification, meaning that a significant part of the food that we offer is KRAV labeled. We are checked annually about our operating procedures, purchases, choices of products, and more. Our certificate is proof for you that you can eat at our hotel with a clean conscience. (Link: https://www.krav.se/in-english/about-krav/)


Fairtrade is an environmental certification with the mission of uniting farmers and consumers in equal and fair trade. The Fairtrade label is international and has a broad focus that covers the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. In these areas there are specific requirements as well as awards for important stages of development. Fairtrade is working hard to improve the conditions in the first phase of the retail chain, which currently has the worst conditions and rights. By choosing Fairtrade we contribute to positive changes. And so do you when you visit us.

Watch a video on how Fairtrade works for a better world. (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_uxrtQAvt8&feature=youtu.be).

Eco License

The Eco License is an in-house training course that everyone working at Vox Hotel undergoes. The training includes everything our employees need to know about ecology such as certifications, production, assortment, routines, background facts, and more. By educating our staff, we can guarantee that you as a guest will be cared for by knowledgeable and motivated people when you visit us.


An important area within environmentally friendly food is endangered species and overfishing. To show that we are working with this and only serve food that does not contribute to these problems, Vox Hotel is MSC and ASC certified. MSC is short for Marine Stewardship Council and is a certificate for sustainably caught wild fish. ASC is short for Aquamarine Stewardship Council and is a certificate for sustainably farmed fish. The certificates are proof that all the seafood we handle at Vox Hotel meets the requirements for sustainable fishing.

Watch a video about overfishing: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6nwZUkBeas).

Red List

An important initiative to protect our environment is to care about what we serve. We do not want the food on our plates to come from productions that harm or threaten animals and nature. Therefore, we are using a red list produced by Nordic Choice Hotels which presents species that are not to be served in our restaurant.

You can see the Red List here (in Swedish). (Link: https://www.nordicchoicehotels.se/globalassets/global/csr/pdf/minimum-sustainable-requirements/rodlista-2018-se.pdf).


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