The essence of our culture is about the people we surround ourselves with and meet every day.

For this reason “people” is a natural part of our sustainability work. We all look different, are of different ages, have different experiences and love different people. That is also true for everyone visiting us. We aim to make everyone feel welcome when they arrive and pleased when they leave no matter their gender, ethnicity, color, culture or religion. On this page you can read about how we care for our coworkers and our community and about some of the partnerships we are working with to support our community.



Social sustainability is important internally in a company. Social sustainability is about how we treat each other and about equality. It is of the highest priority to us that everyone who is a part of Vox Hotel is happy and comfortable with their work. We have several routines to ensure this, some of which are individual meetings, appraisals and the concepts of coworker of the month and coworker of the year, which we have named “Voxare”. We also measure employee satisfaction twice a year to make sure that our employees feel comfortable with their work, and to provide opportunities to anonymously express opinions and suggestions.

The most important asset of our hotel and the foundation on which the whole company relies, is the people who work here. We believe that diversity and equality enable an invaluable range of knowledge and experience. We can proudly share with you that people from more than 7 different countries work at Vox Hotel. Also 50 % of our managers are women. Within Nordic Choice Hotels more than 2 out of 3 managers and more than 60 % of all employees in the hotel group are women.

If you want to become a part of our team, you can view our available positions here (link to open job positions).

The community 

Naturally a hotel depends on its community to manage their business. Every day many people are travelling to many locations and they all need temporary housing. A thriving community with lots of activity is thereby profitable for hotel operations. Furthermore, our community is a key player in social sustainability. Every day we meet coworkers, guests, neighbours and all kinds of known and unknown people. We affect them and they affect us. At Vox Hotel we are constantly working to be a purposive actor in our community. A significant part of this work are the collaborations presented on this page. We also arrange sustainability themed events to involve our community. Follow us on social media to stay updated!


Tappra Barn
Tappra Barn is a charity foundation that collects and donates money for struggling children. Their work here in Jönköping is together with the children section at hospital Ryhov. In all our hotel rooms you can find our cuddly rabbit Emma for purchase. All profit from Emma is donated to Tappra Barn. (Link: only in Swedish)

Ensam julgran söker (Lonely christmas tree)
Every christmas we have a big beautiful christmas tree in our hotel lobby. Under the tree we welcome people to leave gifts that we distribute to families in need just in time for christmas. Each year we carefully select a local charity which we entrust with the gifts. On top of that Nordic Choice Hotels donate 10 SEK for each gift to UNICEF and their work against human trafficking.

Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Employment agency)
We collaborate with the Swedish employment agency in order to reach diversity among our employees and equality in our organisation and to be a trustworthy employer. Thanks to this we are able to help immigrants and people with disabilities into the community and provide them with opportunities to start a new life. As part of this collaboration we participate in the project Talents of Jönköping which engages newly arrived youths. (Link:

Jönköping Qom Ut (Jönköping Pride Festival)
This collaboration is also about diversity. Jönköping Qom Ut stands for human equality, equal opportunities, rights and obligations. Their vision is a diversified community where differences are treated with respect. Nordic Choice Hotels is a main sponsor of pride festivals all over the Nordics. In 2016 the hotel group was awarded Sweden’s most LGBTI friendly workplace. At Vox Hotel we walk proudly in the local parade every year. (Link: only in Swedish)

Health and wellbeing are important to us. Because of this we are proud to be a part of Nordic Choice Hotels’ collaboration with UNICEF and their work against human trafficking. Every year “Puls for UNICEF” is organised, a project where we donate 15 SEK for each 30 minutes that our employees and hotels guests work out during the weeks for the project.