A La Carte


Green pea soup, sugar snaps, pea shoots and creamy egg 63 and green oil 125


Blackened tartar with tomato chutney, ramson mayonnaise and rye crisp 140 / 225


Main Course

Blackened cabbage with roasted garlic, lemon, browned butter with hazelnuts, celeriac puree, shiitake powder and mushroom crisp 195


Steak with primeur, baked tomato, herb butter, red wine sauce and deep fried potato 265


Prime rib burger with mushroom cottage cheese, deep fried oyster mushrooms, “västerbotten” cheese, gin pickled onions, deep fried potatoes and mayonnaise 210


Charr with “sandefjord” sauce, vendace roe, kohlrabi and potatoes 245



Creme bruleé flavored with hazelnut and coffee with  hazelnut crumb 95


Licorice creme with lemon sponge cake, meringue and lemon curd 95


Hey, the kids have their own menu.


Hamburger with cheese, fried potatoes, and rosemary mayonnaise 110

Pasta bolognese 115


We serve a la carte Monday-Saturday 17.00-22.00


Vox care!

Don’t worry, we don’t use any red listed products. All our fish products are MSC and ASC certified for sustainable fishing.

MSC och ASC are two organisations that work for sustainable and environmental friendly fishing, both in the seas, lakes as well as in the fish farms.

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