A La Carte


Langoustine soup with scallop, trout room, watercress, salad with cucumber and fennel 140


Kalix bleak roe with fried potato, peas cream, pickled silver onion and smoked sour cream 185


Baked artichoke with deep-fried potato, artichoke cream, pickled silver onion and sour cream 140


Beef tartar with soybean mayonnaise, artichoke chips, shiso, soy and cabbage rabbit 145/220


Main course

Hot hummus with sour fennel, fried root celery, spicy chickpeas, dukkah, parsley pesto and oriental bread 185


Steamed char with apple, roasted cauliflower, browned butter bayonne, fennel cream, pickled autumn vegetables and potatoes 260


Butter fried saithe with mushrooms from Hällestad, dill, beetroot, browned butter, sautéed onions, potatoes and capers 255


Fried duck breast with parsnip cream, pumpkin, roasted potato bulb and buttered artichoke broth 215


Hamburgers on chuck beef with pork baked overnight, cheddar, pickled silver onion, deep fried onion, truffle mayonnaise and deep fried potato with mayonnaise 195


Sirloin steak with baked root celery, potato croquette with svecia, sour gravy, black cabbage and roast onions 285



Baked apple with cardamom, apple cream and caramelized rye crumb 95


Creme bruleé flavored with hazelnut and coffee, hazelnut crumb 95


Hey, the kids have their own menu.


Pasta bolognese 95

Hamburger with cheddar, fried potatoes and rosemary mayonnaise 110



We serve a la carte Monday-Saturday 17.00-22.00



Vox care!

Don’t worry, we don’t use any red listed products. All our fish products are MSC and ASC certified for sustainable fishing.

MSC och ASC are two organisations that work for sustainable and environmental friendly fishing, both in the seas, lakes as well as in the fish farms.

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