The Brunch is closed until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.



Greek yogurt, honey, fresh berries, roasted pistachio. 35:-

Chia pudding, apple compote, cardamom 25:-

Deep fried rice paper, misoma mayonnaise. 25:-

Deep-fried potato with parmesan and green onion 30:-


Beef tartar, soybean mayonnaise, artichoke, turnip cabbage 90:-

Open burger on chuck, brioche, rosemary mayonnaise, cheddar, jalapeno relish 90:-

2st steambuns, pork side baked over night, mushrooms, soy mayonnaise, coriander, sriracha 75:-

Toast skagen, butter fried bread, lemon mayonnaise, dill 100:-

Smashed avocado, sourdough bread, chili flakes 70:-

Scrambled eggs, sourdough bread, chili, cress55:-
Choose your additions:
Bacon 20:-
Avocado 35:-

Tortilla pizza, sour cream and pickled silver onion 65:-
Choose your additions:
Bleak roe from Kalix 50:-
Avocado 25:-


2 American pancakes 55:-

Choose your topping:
Blackberries and vanilla cream
Raspberry, vanilla, caramel sauce, nuts

Creme brulee, hazelnut / coffee 55:-

Cardamom ice cream, apple, vanilla, caramelized rye 60:-


Cava 60/300:-

Champagne 80/400:-

House wine red, white, pink 60/240:-

Melleruds 55:-

Brunch drinks

Mimosa 90:-

Bellini 90:-

Bloody Mary 90:-

White Russian 90:-

Breakfast drinks

Homemade kombucha 30:-

Fresh juice 40:-
Grape fruite


Coffee 30:-

Tea 30:-

Cappuccino 35:-

Café Latte 35:-

Espresso 30:-

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